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CNA Class

The date for our next Free CNA Class is pending due to COVID restrictions.

Upcoming CNA Class

Providence Health Care is currently not offering a Free CNA class.  We plan to schedule a class in the near future but that date is pending due to COVID restrictions.  Please contact Hannah Wineland, Human Resources, with any questions.

A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant. A CNA’s  main role is to provide basic care to patients, as well as assist in daily activities a patient might have trouble with on their own. These activites can include bathing and dressing.

Information for futrue classes- Although the class is free, there is a $100.00 administration fee. $50.00 of this fee will be due upon acceptance and completion of the pre-screening process. The remaining $50.00 will be due on the first day of class. Students will also be required to pay a $75.00 fee for their State Testing once the class has been completed. The test fee will be reimbursed to the students that choose to employ with Providence Health Care.

Providence Health Care is excited to provide the Wabash Valley with quality Certified Nurse Aides via our Free CNA class.  We will be offering another class in the near future. Please check back for upcoming classes and information.

Free CNA Class

Learn From An Award Winning Team

Our award winning team at Providence Health Care is excited to help teach upcoming healthcare professionals. 

Free CNA Class