Health Services

Healing for the Body, Mind, and Spirit

At Providence Health Care we specialize in short term rehab to home care (skilled nursing) and long term care.  It is our mission to exceed expectations. Our team’s vision is to care for each of our patients’ mind, body, and spirit during their stay.  We achieve this vision by creating a personalized care plan and using a team approach to care. The care plans are designed to help each patient reach goals, and return home safely, as quickly as their body will allow.

These personalized care plans are created within 24 hours of admission for each patient.  Each care plan is carefully created by our interdisciplinary team as we utilize knowledge from everyone’s areas of expertise.  These areas include skilled nursing, rehab, music to memory, respiratory and spirituality.  In addition to short term rehab, long term care is another skilled service that Providence Health Care provides.  Long term care will be discussed when it is appropriate for the individual patient.  Keeping families informed of progress and change is a high priority for the team, therefore each family works closely with our Transitional Care Coordinator to ensure this priority is accomplished.

Skilled Nursing

Providence Health Care is proud to offer exceptional clinical care.  We provide 24-hour RN services, pharmacy services, wound care, pain management, IV therapy, and on site lab and x-ray services. In addition to these services, our clinical team is dementia certified to ensure the best care for our patients living with cognitive brain changes.

Short term rehab to home
Short term rehab to home


Rehabilitation Services include physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and aquatic therapy.  These services are offered up to 7 days a week, depending on the patient and their care plan. Outpatient therapy and restorative therapy are also available.

Long Term Care

In conjuction with our short term rehab to home unit, Providence Health Care also offers long term care.  The long term residents are provided all the same amenities and support as our rehab to home patients.  The Providence Health Care team respects that our facility is home for these patients. We do everything possible to create a safe, peaceful and comfortable environment for these residents.  Shared and Private rooms are available in our long term care unit.

Short term rehab to home
Short term rehab to home

Respiratory Program

Providence Health Care is leading the Wabash Valley in providing extensive respiratory care. Our respiratory team is dedicated to achieving the desired outcomes of patients and families.  Providence Health Care is the only nursing home in Southern Indiana with the capability of accepting ventilator patients.

Music to Memory

Providence Health Care is proud to be a Music and Memory Certified Care Organization. This service provides the powerful benefits of personalized music as a part of overall care. Music has been proven to help reduce depression and anxiety in addition to improving quality of life. Providence Heatlh Care is the only Music and Memory Certified Care Organization in the Wabash Valley.

Short term rehab to home
Short term rehab to home

Healing for the Mind

The healing process is about more than just physical healing.  Providence Health Care is a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Providence. We are dedicated to meeting the spiritual needs of all patients.  We offer a person-centered approach that cares for, and values, the mind, body, and spirit of each patient. This person-centered approach greatly benefits patients and families on their emotional road to recovery.