Essential Family Caregiver

What is an Essential Family Caregiver?

At Providence Health Care, we abide by all Medicare and Medicaid guidance, in addition to all Indiana State Department of Health guidance. The State Department of Health has recently released information and guidance on what is considered an “Essential Family Caregiver,” for patients residing in long term care communities, such as Providence Health Care.

According to the Indiana State Department of Health, ISDH, many family members are critical partners in the ongoing care, both physical and emotional, support of persons living in long term care communities.

Although social distancing and physical separation are still important to keep residents safe, strategies are needed to combat the unintended consequences of prolonged social distancing in addition to maintaining overall health and wellbeing. The COVID-19 crisis has exacerbated the challenges of social isolation and loneliness in the long term care

The ISDH has released the following recommendations regards to EFS (Essential Family Caregivers). “Recognizing the critical role family members and other outside caregivers (e.g., friends, volunteers, private personal caregivers) often have in the care and support of residents, it is recommended that LTCFs consider designating as Essential Family Caregivers (EFCs) those family members and other outside caregivers who can provide companionship and/or assist with activities requiring one-on-one direction. The goal of EFCs is to help high-risk
residents who are likely to benefit from care provided by a loved one or outside caregiver.” Indiana State Department of, 11/22/2020

For more information on Essential Family Caregivers, or to read the full guidance, you can visit the Long Term Care Division section of the Indiana State Department of Health’s website. 

If you have questions specifically regarding any policies of Providence Health Care, you can contact our Compliance Officer, Mandy Lynch, 812-535-1075.