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How will I get to PHC?

There are several transportation options available to get to Providence Health Care. Either the hospital can arrange for ambulance transport, the family can bring the patient from the hospital, or the facility bus (if available) can pick the patient up from the hospital and bring them to the facility.

What should I bring with me?

It is best to bring 5-6 changes of clothes, well-fitting non-slip shoes, night wear, and any other personal items that you may need. Each room is private, so there is plenty of storage for personal belongings. It is not necessary to bring medication or mobility devices such as a wheelchair or walker.

How long will I have to stay? 

The length of stay varies for each person based on their healthcare needs. Our facility works with the doctor involved to ensure the patient is able to be discharged to home safely.  We conduct care plan meetings during the patient’s stay to keep everyone involved updated on progress.

Will my friends and family be able to visit?

Yes, guests are always welcome. We actually encourage family and friends to visit! However, we do not allow overnight guests.  This ensures that patients are getting the rest needed for their recovery process. 

What is meant by a 3 night hospital stay?

If the health condition of the person requires that they be in a hospital for three nights, and they have Medicare as their primary insurance, they then become eligible to use their benefit for skilled nursing days in a rehab facility.

Can I smoke while staying at PHC?

No. Providence Health Care is non-smoking. PHC is located on Saint Mary-of-the-Woods Campus, which is a non-smoking campus entirely.

How do I do a virtual visit?

You can contact our Activity Department at 812-535-1052, to schedule a virtual visit. We have iPads available 24/7 for residents and will do our best to get your visit scheduled.

What food is provided?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided daily. There is a hot option and a cold option available each day. Meals will be prepared to fit any special diets necessary. There are also refreshment pantries in each unit with an assortment of snacks. If your loved ones would like to bring some of your favorite foods or snacks, we will store it in our refreshment pantry for you.

How often will I have therapy?

The amount of therapy needed is dependent on the patient and their health needs. The therapy department will work in conjunction with the doctor to determine the appropriate amount of therapy for each patient’s recovery needs.  Upon admission, we provide a therapy evaluation.  This evaluation helps us to build a customized care plan for the patient.

Are pets allowed to visit?

Yes. Four-legged visitors are allowed to visit.  However, you must provide an updated vaccination record before the pet visits the facility.

What insurance does PHC accept?

PHC is a Medicare and Medicaid certified facility. Traditional Medicare will cover your first 21 days at 100%. We are in network for some Medicare Advantge plans, pending pre-certification. However, you may have a daily copay depending on your coverage with these Advantage plans.

Who is your Medical Director?

Our Medical Director is Dr. Jeffrey McFadden. Dr. McFadden began with PHC in 2023. His primary practice is in Family Medicine at Cork Medical Center through Union Health.

How will I get to my doctor appointments during my stay?

Providence Health Care offers transportation during regular business hours to locations throughout the Wabash Valley.  This service is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis and is prioritized for those most in need.  This service is provided at no extra charge. 



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