PHC Awarded Grant


In the fall of 2021, Providence Health Care identified a need for new equipment to be put in place within the long-term care neighborhood. Once this need was identified, PHC  took advantage of an opportunity to submit a grant to the Wabash Valley Community Foundation. In May of 2022, two representatives from the PHC Leadership team were proud to accept a check for just over $10,000 to provide a blanket/towel warmer to the residents of PHC.

Why the Need?

The skin of the elderly population is fragile. Preserving and protecting their skin integrity is essential. To have the tools to proactively protect skin integrity is monumental in the quality of care that the PHC team is able to provide. In addition to the physical benefits provided from a blanket warmer, this tool will encourage participation in bathing, and reduce anxiety and stress for residents, family members, and staff alike. All concerned benefit from knowing the resident is having a better overall shower experience that promotes good hygiene.

The effects of implementing the utilization of this blanket warmer will be tracked through daily charting and Quarterly Care Plan review. The outcomes aimed to achieve are the improvement of skin integrity, improved personal hygiene, improved patient satisfaction, and the promotion of dignity and mobility. In providing the tool needed to encourage these outcomes, our team will now be able to focus efforts on prevention of the issues rather than reaction. These shifted focuses will allow our team to better achieve our mission of providing excellence in care to our population.

Wabash Valley Community Foundation

A grant from the Wabash Valley Community Foundation is the sole source of funding for this project. The funds from the Community Foundation have been utilized to purchase an Enthermics Blanket Warmer and bath blankets from MedLine healthcare supplier. The timeline for implementation will be immediate once the equipment arrives. The Providence Health Care team is dedicated to improving quality of care and continuing the pursuit of excellence through our work. We strongly believe that these funds will directly benefit our work towards these goals.


The entire Providence Health Care team would like to  express our sincere gratitude to The Wabash Valley Community Foundation for making this project possible. We are thrilled to be selected for this honor and we deeply appreciate the support of the Foundation.

How to Contact the Business Development Program at PHC?

If you would like to learn more about our clinical initiatives, please contact Eunice Champion, Director of Nursing Services , at 812-535-1079 or via email,