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Why Us?

Ventilator Weaning

Our ventilator weaning process includes individualized weaning protocols. These are developed under the direction of a Pulmonologist. The process includes a swallow evaluation and treatment, nutritional management, comprehensive patient and family education, and improved strength through therapies.

Interdisciplinary Team

The interdisciplinary team includes a Board Certified Pulmonologist, Respiratory Therapists, specially trained Registerd Nurses and CNA’s, and Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapists. Each team member is highly trained and experienced with respiratory patients. The team works to rebuild each patient’s strength, endurance, and breathing skills.

Private and Peaceful Environment

Providence Health Care is located in a peaceful setting on the campus of Saint Mary-of-the-Woods. Each rehab suite is a private suite with a window overlooking either the courtyard or the campus.

Shortly after opening Providence Health Care to the public, the team saw a need in the Wabash Valley for a high quality respiratory program.  By 2014, the team at Providence Health Care became the only ventilator capable nursing facility in Southern Indiana. The respiratory unit has since grown to a 10 bed Medicare and Medicaid certified unit. In fact, each room in this unit is a private suite. 

Providence Health Care is staffed with a team of Respiratory Therapists. In addition, each nurse and nursing assistant is  respiratory trained. Along with all the necessary training, the team is overseen by a certified Internal Medicine Pulmonologist and a Respiratory Therapy Manager.

Our team at PHC realizes that choosing a place to care for yourself or loved one who requires advance pulmonary care is difficult. We want to ensure the very best care to each patient, by providing a thoughtful and knowledgeable team. We encourage you to contact our team to set up a tour or evaluation. Furthermore, we would love the opportunity to serve you or your loved one.

Respiratory Program

What is a Ventilator Care Program?

A ventilator program can be in a hospital setting or part of a skilled nursing facility. If part of a skilled nursing facility, there are special requirements for procedures and staffing. Some of these requirements include, specially trained nursing staff, respiratory therapists, and a pulmonologist. Each facility is unique in their weaning and rehab methods.

Respiratory Program

Choose the Right Program for Your Loved One

When choosing a program for a loved one’s recovery you will have to do some research. Certainly, ask questions about each program, their staff, and visit the facility or do a virtual tour.

Respiratory Program

Contact The Program Manager

Once you decide which program is the best fit, contact the program’s manager and they will help you from there!


Providence Health Care Respiratory Program

24/7 RT Care Available

Providence Health Care is proud to be staffed with 24 hour, 7 day a week respiratory care. This means that in addition to our nusing team, we have a Respiratory Therapist available 24 hours a day.

Portable Ventilators

We are proud to offer portable ventilators to our patients. This allows freedom and independence for each patient.

Services Available

Ventilator care and weaning          Nutritional management
Cough Assistance                             Nebulizer therapy
Swallow study and evaluation       Chest Physiotherapy (CPT)
Lung expansion therapy
Tracheostomy and stoma care

10 Ventilator Rooms

Providence Health Care Respiratory Program has recently grown to accomodate 10 ventilator patients. In addition, we are Medicare and Medicaid certified for all of these beds.

Southern Indiana

PHC is the only ventilator capable skilled nursing facility in Southern Indiana. It is our vision to provide this needed service to the Wabash Valley and surrounding areas. 

Respiratory Program
Respiratory Program
Respiratory Program
Respiratory Program
Respiratory Program

Joni Cazee, CRT

Director of Respiratory Therapy

Call Joni, 812-535-1056, to learn more about the Respiratory Program at Providence Health Care, or to schedule an in-person or virtual tour.